Terms of Service


Prohibited and Illegal Content

Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC. provides its services and capabilities for legal and approved uses only. Any use of any service that may be in violation of United States Federal, State, or any Local laws is expressly forbidden. The user agrees to indemnify Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC. and their employees from any claims that are a result of the use of any services provided by Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC., their contractors, or their employees.

Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC. adheres to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) and processes them in accordance with US Federal Law. DMCA notices may be sent to legal [at] elliotpointetechnology.com. Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC. reserves the right to temporarily disable or remove content that is deemed to be a violation of DMCA while it completes it’s investigation, however we also commit to being fair with our users, and providing them the ability to file a counter-notice.

Misuse of Services

We reserve the right to limit, restrict, suspend or refuse services of any customer or potential customer, at our sole discretion. This may include, but is not limited, to reasons of abuse, security violations, illegal or excessive use of services, or use of our service in a way that may jeopardize ourselves, our ability to provide services to our customers, or our customers reputations.

Service Limitations

Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC. exclusively provides web hosting on both a shared and private VPS basis, with many of the largest cloud providers available in the U.S and Internationally. The hosting packages and services are designed for specific limitations and hosting types, and are guaranteed against that intended use only. Shared Hosting packages may include “Unlimited” Traffic, Bandwidth, or Storage options, however these packages are not designed to vertically scale in an unlimited fashion, nor are they designed to manage large, enterprise-scale web accounts. At upper limits of these packages, due to rising site traffic or concurrent connections to your web property or hosting account, Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC. may deem your account no longer able to be served by a shared host and recommend transitioning to a dedicated VPS in order to best serve your needs.

Availability Guarantee

We strive to maintain a 99.95% availability of our services, for all of our customers. While we have had significant success in the past and never had to pay out a credit, we also recognize we’re all human. In the event of a service interruption due to a failure with our service capabilities, or the host your account is located on, Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC will be liable for the pro-rated share of the monthly service fee during which time the service was unavailable. Any time spent unavailable, on a monthly basis, will be automatically credited back to the customer. The customer is not required to identify or submit a service ticket to be eligible for a pro-rated credit. Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC shall not be held liable for any further damages beyond the pro-rated service fee for any reason. This includes data loss, projected revenue or profit losses, website or domain loss through data corruption or fraud, and general system or service failures.

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your service from Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC., you are entitled to a refund of your hosting services up to 30 days from your initial service sign-up. After this point, you may cancel your service at any time and receive a pro-rated refund for the remaining calendar month. Domain Name Registration is a permanent activity and can not be reversed or refunded. In the event you purchased a hosting account that included a “Free Domain”, the cost of your domain registration will be deducted from the refund amount. You may opt to leave your Domain registered for 1 year with Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC, and point the NameServers to a new hosting provider, or transfer the Domain Name to a new hosting provider.


By signing up for an account, and requesting service from Elliot Pointe Technology, LLC, you are expressly agreeing to these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy information. Elliot Pointe Technology is free to act on any violation of these Terms of Service at any time.